Religous Rant 

My thoughts on religion are outside the norm, Yet  have been gained from varied sources and perspectives. I have found I am unable to put my trust/faith in any of the religions Known of by me For the mere fact that all claim to be the recordings of  unverifiable mystical “i”dentities or prophets.

The bible in particular has its origins with a group of peoples from a relatively small  area of the world (not encompassing  what we now know to be ) recording their  history and then having it  passed on word of mouth,  not only once but multiple times across language and social barriers over a time span of thousands of years (initially verbal and later written ) to the point that if i were to take it as a truth ! Or a collection of truths ? I know  I would be left searching and disappointed . I  have found it so wildly open to interpretation its usefulness to me is practically nil ! .And that is  as either a research source  or a moral compass ?       

 Were as lessons ive picked up  from Asian deity's (Budda,Krishna)  carry a greater weight with me,  as the little I know has given guidance to my own self improvement .In saying that I also realize  if I were to be living in a community solely buddist the same justifications for skepticism would arise and I would come to the same conclusion and that is all religious teachings are a form of mind control and should be taken on as such . GOD' s  handy work is acquired without instructions. while paths to understanding (what ,where .how) they are ? Is gained from within the individual,and in my case I feel they are  internally embedded with us all .( Eg Thought ,breathing ) .

 I have a few yarns i could pass on  to clarify the above if any wish to hear .And even the most ardent dictator of religion would be hard pressed to debunk the  simple "truth's " that  exist but are untold to maintain the status Quo .I often ponder on the quip " While  you talk you teach and  learn while  listening but nigh on impossible to do both at the same time" !.