My Thoughts


At a place  in the expanse of space father time and mother earth's paths intertwined in a flurry of heated moments .With  gods acceptance too the  pairing , along with Mother earths relentless persistence too mark or record  the occasions allowed herself too absorb  these moments, cherishing and embracing  as only a mother is able .It wasn't far along this thread of thought  that mother earths accumulation of  moments, passing with  father time led too a  momentous event occurring  ! Life began too appear within her boundaries ! 

 It is this life which I refer to when I advocate my foundation policy of protection and promotion of the original  habitats & inhabitants .With the greatest emphases or resources being made available too promote the growth and expansion of there " space" to flourish within, with   attention paid in particular to there   chronological appearance too these shores.  (Longer time existing within  its boundaries topographical, physical ,and even social positions given consideration) .I advocate a first in best protection policy as they will usually be those that are most susceptible and at greatest risk of pressures placed on it by competition from foreign /more recent introductions leading to either a adaptation or a decline into extinction

The foundation 

A new arrival to these shores, whether by birth emigration or a short visit should start the clock on becoming a

      New Zealander/ Aeoteaaroan  

  For me that means to feel a special bond with all that's around me past and present !    While here they will be instructed on and expected too participate in the foundation principals ! while  becoming better equipped to protect and enhance the environment around them and that of the original inhabitants of this land. .The time of appearance within these shores should give guidance as to priority's and or resources allocated to protect ,enhance and even create new environments . I would be heartened too find if large scale plantings and  expansion  of native forests were occurring alongside rivers and lakes, estuaries. While eradicating the  more recent arrivals such as willow trees gorse and broom , allowing for a better chance of producing thriving safe and healthy ecosystems For the original inhabitants .  (void of noxious plants ,predators not of there time ) returning the land to what it once was pre human.

The seas and oceans inhabitants are in need of some respite as well but for now I am commenting on that which i can see and live with?

Systems and practices in place today do not allow for this to occur ,in fact globally pressures put on the few remaining  original habitats  is leading to the extinction of more and more (known and i am sure as yet undiscovered species !) I hear the destruction of hundreds of square km's of life filled  forests occurring daily yet will take hundreds of years to replace that same environment !dispossessing the majority of that life of the means too continue ! I might also add ,only if the area is reseeded at the time of destruction with naturally occurring plants to that area , will there be any hope of eventually getting back that lost .

Personally I feel a greater variety and diversity is a good thing! Yet history and today's systems and ideologies, point to continued and rapidly destructive processes being adopted and even encouraged!  Becoming industry standards and recommended practices?

e.g..Radiata pine forests, cultivation of vast areas for single crop production

      reclamation of swamp areas for grass growth all have the effect of putting unbearable pressures upon the original species and evicting them from what was once the place they thrived            

There are numerous reasons why this madness has continued to occur ! Economic,cultural,religious, name a few.... .however if it is not addressed and pathways formulated to stop or time allocated to heal the destruction  our own existence as “humans” will seriously be impacted on ,and the quality of life drastically reduced for future generations !  

I am sure, you like me have put faith in and with people in a governing position specifically designed to address issues that they have been educated in, are knowledgeable about and eager to  advance the public will.. .I am not as sure today having tried on several occasions over the years .unless the concept ,idea what ever ,fits in with a predetermined problem ,programme or processes you will find you are alone to push your own barrow .Hence this web site .

when it comes to humans I find the apathy expressed towards other life forms to be tragic and somewhat ironic as it is the existence of these UN-human entities that we have come to depend upon for our very existence .If the next 5 generations keep the same course as the last 5 , we as humans will have created an environment that the majority today would find undesirable if not toxic to a healthy lifespan, creating environments decreasing in quality number and diversity.

leaving fewer  pathways/options open too all life if a return to what it once was is a outcome wished to be achieved. If it is humans intention to have this earth appear as the rest of mother earths/planets in the solar system ? it would appear looking back over millennia that we are making  speedy progress. The extinction of one species that had thousands of years to form and adapt to its environment making the most of its own unique physical attributes to become the (specialist of its place)is eliminated from life's equation because of a change in land use (someone decided the need for more grass/stock food a higher priority !) i find destructive absurd and unnecessary and points towards humans evolution reversing  as we will all have our heads lowered in shame and desperation !

Plant growing platform

Plant grower /stock feeder

  This devise I see as a positive alternative in the production of plant/vegetables for human and stock consumption .Its unique features should provide the ultimate growing conditions for most plants grown today .But here are a few of its advantages  I see to be superior too, over methods and practices used today.

First up the plant boxes have multiple layers ,increasing the land available for growing vegetation, (fields are one layer) while isolating it from the stock or pests until it has matured or is needed.

An extra benefit of a multi level planter box system , being its height and mobility allowing the planter boxes to be grown in more favorable climatic conditions, then transported to were needed or designed to withstand the harsher conditions on site .In most circumstances though its design allows unaffected  growth through  unusual weather events like flooding ,snow ,and to a lesser degree frosts depending on the planter box design. While the sun shines it will grow .!!!

Where as the present practices used today cultivate large areas of land using numerous implements (tractors ,ploughs , irrigators etc. ) this system can have the soil prepared and even created from such places like dumps/effluent ponds etc..(no reason to mix shit with water !)  Then placed in planter box's ,seeded with single or multi seed types, depending on the requirements .all occurring in a factory setting,  transported to the racks placed on unused or unproductive , dead areas were they are left to grow. The water tanks attached to the boxes allow for the regulated  hydration of plants through adverse weather (drought /hot winds ) and depending on the design can supply all that the the plants need to grow to maturity !

The racks themselves have a rather interesting design feature as well ,a latch on the central pillar (when released ) allows the shelves to pivot on the outer pillar which in turn will allow the shelves  to tilt downward at the center pillar, and the planter box to roll/slide on to a lower level .This feature provides a seesaw action for the water to drain from one side to the other by a series of hollow wicks running through the soil.  

A fields soil make up is determent by its location and its fertileness can only be improved by adding nutrients to it ,this devise can have the soil type reproduced at will to suit the various plants requirements with nutrients added easily (I have medical applications in mind) .

A percentage of grass grown in a field doesn't make it to the stocks mouth as it gets trodden on or a cow pat left on it or its consumed by an unwanted pest /insect ?. Depending on the version used this devises features can eliminate these issues and provide fresh new foliage year round .whereas practices like silage and hay keep the stock alive but I feel is 2nd best

Bugs and insects can also be added to the system to help with soil conditioning as well as proving a further food source for fowl and the like . .

 Weather, time of year workload are all contributing factors determining the supply of feed availability for human ,beast ,or Fowl alike this device can elevate a large amount of these issues while freeing up otherwise underutilized areas were a regeneration of the original inhabitants environment can occur .

Past experience tells me, when advances in agricultural technologies occur allowing an increase in stock levels that's what happens ! However I deplore anyone making use of the system to go back and read the primary objective ! The original inhabitants desperately need environments .Cows sheep goats and dear all survive in other countries, the native spices don't and cant !

 This country already produces at least three times more than it requires to sustain the population. I advocate a maximum stock unit/farm area using todays levels as a guide not to be exceeded. With any lands that become surplus to a farmers needs after introducing the plant feeder system  should be regenerated into an original habitat .I can hear all the nay Sayers arguments echoing off into the  distance ? But let me say this !

Since humans first set foot on these shores(1000 years ago/accelerated in the last 100 ?) we have transformed  the majority of the land from  thriving abundant life filled self supporting ecosystems ,Into separated blocks of land, supporting predominantly solitary Species (a cow or sheep)that require an increasing amount of human intervention on there path through life which is costly to maintain, in time ,and energy's (financially as well) that is fast becoming dependent on ever increasing external offshore services (medications ,machinery, seeds, markets to transfer produce to)    Which in my mind is unsustainable while creating an uninhabitable ,bleak future for the original spices and  detrimental to our very existence !

For example    

Whole hill ranges have been planted in radiata pine at Quite a considerable cost eating into any expected profits .those trees will take 25 years odd to harvest with pruning ,Rates ,and other costs being adsorbed by the farmer/investor/council over that period  .The land it occupies is out of action for that period as very little grows under a pine tree for its needles block the light while on the tree and when creating a mat on the ground it tends to repel insects and beetles .It doesn't produce any food source for an original inhabitant ,native birds avoid them and except for huhu grubs when the tree is dead have little nutritious vale at all. Then after twenty-five years, anything that has etched out an existence for itself has the prospect of the sudden destruction of its environment and total exposure too the elements which it will have to adapt to or die .I know what it is like to be dispossessed in later life and expected to start all over again as do the increasing number of homeless ! Its soul destroying and without a herculean effort near impossible to get back close to a way it once was .In the case of a pine plantation the incentive and any help has been removed over that period for any potential inhabitants and the soil has been drained of nutrients leaving it only fit for planting another crop of pine trees which is what occurs . (has any one been on a tour of a pine plantation ?)

Whereas that same hill range (coast range from Kaitangata to Dunedin for example ) were to be planted out in native flora or even eucalypts would be preferable. With walking cycling tracks and camping areas situated at strategic spots to take in the views etc.  you would find in that same twenty five years  you will have created a very useable  productive environment for the original inhabitants and humans alike and a refuge for the animals evicted from the national parks ( which in turn creates a hunting option )A tourist destination (a scheme could be developed to have the recent arrivals pay for and plant ) which could be developed into a fun productive and educational way to regenerate the original habitats. And as these are the things needed to be involved in on there path to becoming  a New Zealander I feel the benefits too all, are enormous  and all  close to a major population . The point being I could have plane loads of people wanting to be involved with something like this but I would be hard pressed to have any takers of a guided tour of any pine forest or dairy farm for that matter !  

Also you would still have a timber option available  though admittedly not as much but if a sustainable approach were adopted I am sure sufficient enough  (which brings me to another point pine trees are draining all the goodness out of the land while growing  and as the majority are exported not putting anything back .Leaving it less likely of a return financially the second time around if indeed there was one the first time! as I am led to believe gouging tracks out of hill sides to retrieve the logs can wipe out any profit at all  ? Fire too is a major issue or rather the potential cost to put one out !. Fire risk in a pine plantation is always high but heightened in the drier months when human interaction increases. The process of pruning and maintenance on a pine plantation, leave a  large quantity of dead dry fuel piled up, increasing the potential damage a fire would cause and reduce the earnings from the lumber .Where as a fire in a native forest is rear and slower to spread by its natural make up being evergreen and when the leaves do drop they are soon composted and turned to mulch  by the organisms that don't exist in pine plantations. The mulch holds onto any moisture for longer adding to the fire retarding qualities of the forest floor .

Why have we turned our back on all the original trees in favour of pinesradiata ?  It is not something I personally wish to spend my time pondering. They are here now and the governing bodies have added  them  to this environment and continue to promote the expansion and proliferation within these shores, creating an industry around them and embedding them into our economy ? I don't like it ,I see it as a destructive path to have taken ! I hope by expressing these views and putting forward a few solutions a new direction is to be found . A lot of this has occurred to fulfil our obligations to the treaty's sighed .(Greenhouse gasses ,harmful emissions,) lowering a carbon foot print ?.By continuing as we seem to be I cant help but feel off shore entities/interests are dictating and those unaware implementing our very demise ! I would like to put a boot on that carbon foot and with considerable force, send it right back up the “jaxee” !  of those perpetuating this madness.