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Ideas, Thoughts & Solutions

For twenty years now I have lacked a productive out let for the ideas (inventions, processes) Thoughts and solutions to some of the more serious issues facing the planet I have had, over this time!
Now with newly learned skills and advances in technologies I now have a way to express them to a greater audience. My greatest hope is for the viewer, to find it of interest and be educated and inspired to go on too share, and make use of them, and benefit from the experience. !

  • Self cycling motor  new great video

  • Plant growing platform with c-saw water tanks 
  • Civilian law administering idea
  • Plans for house construction 
  • Transport system (wind tunnel and electric )styled trams to suit heritage or modern
  • voting based on $10 note as an individual voting paper 
  • Light spectrum  communication possibilities.( language ,music ,counting )
  • Q togo /mono cycle with special seat
  • Human waste (toilet ) compressing the solids then burning in a pallett form after travelling through and being  dried in a prolonged journey 
  • A personal explanation of religious beliefs and there place in my future
  • Experimental balloon  with black painted solar heat pad
  • Quick anchor points made by a large crowbar gyrated round and either a wire wraped round a rock then packed in or concreted
  • Greater uses of flax as a matting or walls 
  • Why have street lighting ?
  • Drilling of large diameter and deep holes as a burial option (multipal erns ) USB and monitor as headstones.(ash holes )
  • Ell farms, with Ducks and other water fowl as a meat alternative .(Tied in with flax plantings) 
  • Addition of obstacles  too the playing field in sports events to break the predictability



This website is about a life lived without an understanding of purpose or fulfillment and only now realizing the missed/lost  opertunities opened to me witch for various reasons I have passed and left behind  yet to  be actioned! ( by me at least ) but recorded to show what could have been or could one day be  .

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At a place  in the expanse of space father time and mother earth's paths intertwined in a flurry of heated moments .With  gods acceptance too the  pairing , along with Mother earths relentless persistence too mark /record  the occasions allowed  herself too   absorb  these moments, cherishing and embracing  as only a mother is able .It wasn't far along this thread of thought  that mother earths accumulation of  moments, passing with  father time led too a  momentous event occurring  ! Life began too appear within her boundaries ! 

 It is this life which I refer to when I advocate my foundation policy of protection and promotion of the original  habitats & inhabitants .With the greatest emphases or resources being made available too promote the growth and expansion of there " space" to flourish within, with   attention paid in particular to there   chronological appearance too these shores.  (Longer time existing within  its boundaries topographical, physical,and even social positions given consideration) .I advocate a first in best protection policy as they will usually be those that are most susceptible and at greatest risk of pressures placed on it by competition from foreign /more recent introductions leading to either a adaptation or a decline into extinction .

when it comes to humans I find the apathy expressed towards other life forms to be tragic and somewhat ironic as it is the existence of these UN-human entities that we have come to depend upon for our very existence .If the next 5 generations keep the same course as the last 5 , we as humans will have created an environment that the majority today would find undesirable if not toxic to a healthy lifespan, creating environments decreasing in quality number and diversity.

leaving fewer  pathways/options open too all life if a return to what it once was is a outcome wished to be achieved.If it is humans intention to have this earth appear as the rest of mother earths/planets in the solar system ? it would appear looking back over millennia that we are making  speedy progress. The extinction of one species that had thousands of years to form and adapt to its environment making the most of its own unique physical attributes to become the (specialist of its place)is eliminated from life's equation because of a change in land use (someone decided the need for more grass/stock food a higher priority !) i find destructive absurd and unnecessary and points towards humans evolution reversing  as we will all have our heads lowered in shame and desperation !

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The community law system has proven extremely hard to write up showing its shear simplicity and effectiveness !  How ever i shall give it a go .

A person being held responsible for committing a deed (good or bad ) is bought before a group of 15 random  community members . the system works just as well if the deed doer is known too these individuals.

four groups of three are assigned a category each to make judgment on (specifically if they believe the truth has been expressed )

  1. Were
  2. When
  3. How
  4. Why

The deed doers is then encouraged to express there story in as much detail as possible ,with emphasis put too them that the "TRUTH" from there perspective  would benefit in theory and practice as that is all a community can ask of any of its citizens .(i realize lies half truths etc are sure to be spoken by some but the practicality of the system manages this aspect)

once the story has been told the groups are then asked to make judgement on  there assigned category ( if it is believed to be spoken truthfully ) with the majority holding sway An undecided  position is also possible .the community  sets the pass thresh hold although i feel a two out of three in each category should be a minimum.

eight , yeses results in the individual progressing onward to the next stage were the final three whom have observed proceedings put forward potential solutions/punishments /extra duty's etc  too the individual with the emphasis being placed on pathways to encourage and enhance the individuals growth and participation within the community .

failure to convince the majority that they have been truthful will result in the individual being detained or held back from participating with /in the community and should be seen by the community  as a non citizen .When the individual feels or reaches a point that they are able to tell the truth the proceedings can be repeated ,and as the truth will eventually have to be accepted by the community and measures put forward minimizing  risk of repeating problematic behaviors   before the individual is allowed to participate in it again ,there should little chance of that individual becoming a liability to there community .

  1. will work in any community 
  2. will work in any language /cultures 
  3. will work effectively too enhance the growth of individuals and communities
  4. Will work positively to re-balance the scales of justice
  5. will work too have the individual identify and correct /modify unacceptable behaviors to there communities
  6. will work as a cost effective way to administer justice /and rewards for stand out community members 
  7. will work well too get individuals involved in there communities
  8. will work as a flexible ,guaranteed result  method of administering the communities will  

Religous Rant

Religous Rant 

My thoughts on religion are outside the norm, Yet  have been gained from varied sources and perspectives. I have found I am unable to put my trust/faith in any of the religions Known of by me For the mere fact that all claim to be the recordings of  unverifiable mystical “i”dentities or prophets.

The bible in particular has its origins with a group of peoples from a relatively small  area of the world (not encompassing  what we now know to be ) recording their  history and then having it  passed on word of mouth,  not only once but multiple times across language and social barriers over a time span of thousands of years (initially verbal and later written ) to the point that if i were to take it as a truth ! Or a collection of truths ? I know  I would be left searching and disappointed . I  have found it so wildly open to interpretation its usefulness to me is practically nil ! .And that is  as either a research source  or a moral compass ?       

 Were as lessons ive picked up  from Asian deity's (Budda,Krishna)  carry a greater weight with me,  as the little I know has given guidance to my own self improvement .In saying that I also realize  if I were to be living in a community solely buddist the same justifications for skepticism would arise and I would come to the same conclusion and that is all religious teachings are a form of mind control and should be taken on as such . GOD' s  handy work is acquired without instructions. while paths to understanding (what ,where .how) they are ? Is gained from within the individual,and in my case I feel they are  internally embedded with us all .( Eg Thought ,breathing ) .

 I have a few yarns i could pass on  to clarify the above if any wish to hear .And even the most ardent dictator of religion would be hard pressed to debunk the  simple "truth's " that  exist but are untold to maintain the status Quo .I often ponder on the quip " While  you talk you teach and  learn while  listening but nigh on impossible to do both at the same time" !.


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