Proposed Transportation network 

Before introducing the idea I have of the transportation of goods /passengers I would like to point out a few of the increasingly destructive and costly results of methods in use today ! (costly too economies ,environment ,individual freedoms)

 Present systems have/are/and will continue to drain the public purse in there construction and maintenance as higher volumes and weights of traffic increase year on year. Greater amounts of otherwise productive land is lost as a result of roads increasing in width and numbers to cater for the increasing volumes while placing a deadly barrier in the path of our original species to navigate  .The entire solar systems supply of fossil fuels (millions of years in production ) is being used in increasingly unsustainable amounts to supply the means to operate the systems in use today .And if one forward thought five generations from now (while keeping in mind the introduction of the combustion engine in 1900ish and its halved the amount available already ? )  it becomes clear too me at least, that a complete rethink is not only needed but essential for a extension too human existence and life on this planet . Personal freedoms are also being eroded as ID,s passports, licenses ,Government subsidies In the purchase of and fuel to power Vehicles for selected entities like commercial ,farming, industrial are in place paid for by all !  And restrictions to walk were you will have all been introduced so as to allow you to operate as a citizen of your environment (all delivered with a cost to you. The system I would like to see introduced, eliminates a great proportion of these issues and with a little planning could become an integral portion of a country's tool kit in it’s plight to contend with global warming.

 Daves Way

The entire system I have in mind would have to be adapted to the needs of what it is to transport (size ,destination ect ). Here though I shall attempt to explain its basic format or overview of its basic operation ?. A series of looped /tubes are linked (ladder formation) between “A” and “B” in which to form the means of propulsion of the cargo. These tubes will be the basis  of the network and contain features to allow capsules to travel through and be ejected from ,while also containing an air stream in which to provide the propulsion too move them along , The tubes construction /an materials used could vary considerably encompassing a large amount of waste materials that are causing huge problems in todays society such as plastic, tyres and even cardboard or paper . A substatial  frame is needed too suport the main rail but only a thin membrane is required to contain the airstream. The dimensions I would envisage to be something like 1metre square /round (depending on designers specs? ) with a slot running along its length  to allow a  "T" shaped rail too be inserted ,forming a track for the capsules too run along . The construction of which could be designed to carry a means of an electrical supply, eliminating the need of batteries, as an added extra . 

 Air is then circulated round each individual loop, that's separate from each other and only connected to the next in line when a capsule passes through on its journey. Capsules of less dimensions than the tubes (that carry the smaller payloads ) will travel inside the tube, and will be described in more detail at a later stage . As air will be constantly circulating within the tubes(supplied by electrical fans situated periodically along the network too replace and keep the system charged) propelling the capsules on to there destinations were they can be expelled from the looped tubes . The next idea is a little trickier to explain but if you could imagine a sail which could be manually manipulated to increase /decrease its surface area connected to a carriage /trolley running along the “T” rail which in turn has a hook connected that travels on the outside of the tube ("t?" like this )  .So the sail (inside tube ) is joined to the carriage that will roll between the outside of the tube and the underside of the “T” rail carrying a hook so as they all move as one . The air will carry the sail along inside the tube at a speed determined by the surface area being exposed and the air circulating in the tube.
A few of the benefits with a system like this would be less weight in the vehicles needed ,and as the capsules travel with the wind it reduces energy losses due to pushing vehicles through the air .Savings in the construction of river crossings and other barriers will be dramatically reduced as existing structures can be utilized in conjunction with the tubes tunnelled under the rivers.  Safety also is greatly enhanced as traffic is all travelling in the same direction separated by the rungs of the ladder .A third dimension of travel can also be added as it will allow vertical movement as well ,for instance up the side of high rise buildings. Construction of this type of net work opens itself to so many advantages over todays options I am confident that if a will to change was to be implemented ,within five years a network connecting the main centre's can be up and running and paid for with money saved in the first weeks of operation !. And I might add with the technology & resources already available in this country .   

 The hooks running along outside of the tubes  are to connect the passenger vehicles and larger freight in providing a  towing force ! The potential here is enormous as it could be adapted to take any number of vehicle types such as past vintage and todays vehicles right up to specially designed winged capsules doing away with a need of roads /tires and even drivers making the whole system very versatile and efficient in suppling your transportation needs.

 Other ideas I've had to remove the dependency on fossil fuels would be to revert back to steam /electrical motors were instead of burning a fuel to provide the heat ,a simple adaptation to the household Jug could be all that is needed ? When One thinks of the resources used to date in advancing the combustion engine? I cringe at the prospect of doubling up in the knowledge that it will be all for naught ! As one day fossil fuels will run out and the production of bio fuels take over destroying what's remaining of areas like the Congo and amazon forests for there production, Mackenzie basin and the high country are places closer to home you can see original species being evicted and there very existence threatened in favor of agriculture .

Knowing as much about your environment will help you to accept and exist with or live within it. .Water is no exception ! Water consists of two atoms of hydrogen (flammable )and one atom of oxygen which is needed for a fuel to ignite. Yet why aren't the oceans and rivers disappearing as flames ??? The answer lies with there ability to have a very stable existence together .Not wanting to part each others company .Even managing to stay linked through three states of matter solid as ice ,liquid as water, and vapour/gas ? as steam !As humans who's very existence is made up of a large percentage of water and requires a daily intake of it to maintain ones existence we will not be forgiven for the disrespect and disregard shown it .With time the accumulative effects will start to tell on all life and the sooner we start to treat it with the importance it deserves the quicker a greater amount and quality of life will return to exist within its boundaries .
In its solid state it has very interesting properties Rigidity, low temperature, Light is able to pass through it,
In its liquid state...Its a common practice today teaching young people to swim to save there lives if they find themselves in difficulty in water I feel a simpler approach could be taken with greater results achieved if we were to teach the best ways to stay afloat ! The main reason being once a toddler /child /adult has mastered this simple act , the ability to stay alive in the majority of circumstances will have been increased and confidence gained to resist panic. .for example if you found yourself out of your depth and attempting to swim back to shore exhausting your energy levels in a short space of time along with heat, the actual time one can physically continue is limited .Where as if you were taught to take deep breaths keeping your lungs filled (buoyancy bags) as much as you can while still breathing Turn on to your back , kick your feet up and head tilted back , you will find yourself floating , Maintaining your body heat for longer delaying hyperthermia , and still able to signal your distress or yell for help all so allowing you time too calmly plot a path to safety. Because of the simplicity and speed in which this technique can be passed on i feel it should become the first step taken when introducing anyone to the liquid environment.
And as a vapour... It can leave the earth freed from gravity, which the other two states are bound to

    Colours of life
I was pondering the colours associated with life and death, and where they go to in the transition ? I was contemplating cutting the grass and the observation as the colour changes from what I’m seeing  as green, transform its colour as life's colouring drains from it as time passes .Taken that I only see colour as light reflects /absorbed off the surface at varying rates .I wondered if life on this planet had a similar relationship ?The majority of life exists on this planet within a 100 metre band ,The first (150 mm top soil ) over land and under sea . Therefore i speculated Life doesn't exist in light or its opposite(I assume it to be darkness)  ? rather it exists between them. Being expelled from darkness and at the end of lights path, near zero on my light communication diagram ? Any useful concepts to these thoughts escapes me at present but at least i can come back to this and ponder on the time wasted and be satisfied I shall need not subject any further to it   !