The community law system has proven extremely hard to write up showing its shear simplicity and effectiveness !  How ever i shall give it a go .

A person being held responsible for committing a deed (good or bad ) is bought before a group of 15 random  community members . the system works just as well if the deed doer is known too these individuals.

four groups of three are assigned a category each to make judgment on (specifically if they believe the truth has been expressed )

  1. Were
  2. When
  3. How
  4. Why

The deed doers is then encouraged to express there story in as much detail as possible ,with emphasis put too them that the "TRUTH" from there perspective  would benefit in theory and practice as that is all a community can ask of any of its citizens .(i realize lies half truths etc are sure to be spoken by some but the practicality of the system manages this aspect)

once the story has been told the groups are then asked to make judgement on  there assigned category ( if it is believed to be spoken truthfully ) with the majority holding sway An undecided  position is also possible .the community  sets the pass thresh hold although i feel a two out of three in each category should be a minimum.

eight , yeses results in the individual progressing onward to the next stage were the final three whom have observed proceedings put forward potential solutions/punishments /extra duty's etc  too the individual with the emphasis being placed on pathways to encourage and enhance the individuals growth and participation within the community .

failure to convince the majority that they have been truthful will result in the individual being detained or held back from participating with /in the community and should be seen by the community  as a non citizen .When the individual feels or reaches a point that they are able to tell the truth the proceedings can be repeated ,and as the truth will eventually have to be accepted by the community and measures put forward minimizing  risk of repeating problematic behaviors   before the individual is allowed to participate in it again ,there should little chance of that individual becoming a liability to there community .

  1. will work in any community 
  2. will work in any language /cultures 
  3. will work effectively too enhance the growth of individuals and communities
  4. Will work positively to re-balance the scales of justice
  5. will work too have the individual identify and correct /modify unacceptable behaviors to there communities
  6. will work as a cost effective way to administer justice /and rewards for stand out community members 
  7. will work well too get individuals involved in there communities
  8. will work as a flexible ,guaranteed result  method of administering the communities will