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At a place  in the expanse of space father time and mother earth's paths intertwined in a flurry of heated moments .With  gods acceptance too the  pairing , along with Mother earths relentless persistence too mark /record  the occasions allowed  herself too   absorb  these moments, cherishing and embracing  as only a mother is able .It wasn't far along this thread of thought  that mother earths accumulation of  moments, passing with  father time led too a  momentous event occurring  ! Life began too appear within her boundaries ! 

 It is this life which I refer to when I advocate my foundation policy of protection and promotion of the original  habitats & inhabitants .With the greatest emphases or resources being made available too promote the growth and expansion of there " space" to flourish within, with   attention paid in particular to there   chronological appearance too these shores.  (Longer time existing within  its boundaries topographical, physical,and even social positions given consideration) .I advocate a first in best protection policy as they will usually be those that are most susceptible and at greatest risk of pressures placed on it by competition from foreign /more recent introductions leading to either a adaptation or a decline into extinction .

when it comes to humans I find the apathy expressed towards other life forms to be tragic and somewhat ironic as it is the existence of these UN-human entities that we have come to depend upon for our very existence .If the next 5 generations keep the same course as the last 5 , we as humans will have created an environment that the majority today would find undesirable if not toxic to a healthy lifespan, creating environments decreasing in quality number and diversity.

leaving fewer  pathways/options open too all life if a return to what it once was is a outcome wished to be achieved.If it is humans intention to have this earth appear as the rest of mother earths/planets in the solar system ? it would appear looking back over millennia that we are making  speedy progress. The extinction of one species that had thousands of years to form and adapt to its environment making the most of its own unique physical attributes to become the (specialist of its place)is eliminated from life's equation because of a change in land use (someone decided the need for more grass/stock food a higher priority !) i find destructive absurd and unnecessary and points towards humans evolution reversing  as we will all have our heads lowered in shame and desperation !

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